Super Fighters

There is no better way than online games to kill your boredom. Whether you are getting bored in the office, in your school break or at home and have got nothing else to do, all you have to do is open up your computer and start playing these online games. There are millions of such online games available on the internet and choosing between them gets tough because almost all of them are addicting.

One of the best games out there on the internet waiting to knock your boredom out of the park is Super Fighters Unblocked. Mythological Interactive has developed this game. The history of the game is quite amusing. Two guys from the company developed this game in their high school days and then released it through the platform of New Grounds. It rose to fame in a matter of days and this is what inspired the makers to create a sequel named Super Fighters Deluxe.

Gameplay Features

The game is quite elegant and simple for an online game, and this is why this is the perfect remedy for boredom. Johan Hjarpe designed to design and art of the game. Alexander Siigur has done all the programming in the game, and HZLANCER creates the awesome background music.

The game is fast and swift, and the loading screen takes just a few seconds to load the game. There is no lag in the game which ensures the best gaming experience for the user. The interface is exceptionally elegant, and the menu is also quite thoughtful with four options on the display which are 1P, 2P, Tutorial and Setup of the game.

Tutorial Mode

If you are new to the game, you can play the tutorial in which you can learn about all the moves and the controls that the game has to offer. You can learn how to navigate, crouch and jump. You can also learn how to roll on the ground to avoid bullets or obstacles in the game. The game also features a diving option which can be used to tackle enemies to the ground, avoid bullets and jump over long stretched obstacles. The sprinting option is also available so that the players can enjoy the fast gameplay.

Fighting Features of the Game

In the fighting features, you can make a melee attack which is a fist fight with your opponent. You have to press the melee attack button repeatedly until the enemy is destroyed in a fist fight. The game also features guns. You can learn how to aim and shoot in the tutorial of the game. An already existing weapon can also be replaced with a new one on the ground. For example, a pistol can be replaced with a machine gun which promises better aiming and more damage to the opponent. Grenades are another cool feature of the fighting sequence of the game. You can learn how to throw the grenades at your enemies in the tutorial. This feature makes the game even more interesting as you can blow your enemies to bits from any position in the game. You can also check some Scary Maze Games available for free.

Setup Controls

The setup option in the game gives you freedom to change the graphics of the game according to your requirements. This is to ensure that the game never lags on any phone. You can also set the volume to your liking and can also change the controls of the game if you are not comfortable with the default ones.

Game Modes

There are three game modes that can be played both by a single player as well as by 2 players. First, one is the VS mode in which you have to compete with others in an arena. The next one is the survival in which the enemies keep on coming, and you have to survive with your team or individually. The third one is the stages mode in which you get to clear multiple stages and live a story line in the game.

You can either play individually, or you can form teams of up to 7 members. You can form a total of 4 teams in the games. The teams are assigned a color sequence which is yellow, red, blue and green. The independent players are assigned the color white. You can choose any character from a total of 7 characters available in the game.


Super Fighters is a great game that has millions of fans all around the globe. It won’t be a surprise if the gaming world sees yet another sequel of this game from MythoLogic Interactive.
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